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After needing a website of my own, I found an affordable way to create a bespoke website. I needed to have full control of my content and not to wait for an editor to do it for me, and charge me a small fortune to do so.


I am more than willing to help you to design your own website to promote your organisation or business. I will show you how to edit it yourself, or do it for you as and when you need it updated. The company I use to host the websites are based in Worcester and have a call centre here in the city as well. No telephoning a foreign country for support from a person who is just there to answer the phone.


When it comes to graphic design we offer a full photoshop support and design service so together we can really make your website stand out from your competition.

Prices start from as little as £125.00.

The Browser Icons

All of the websites designed and created by NH Computer Solutions are fully compatible with mobile phones, tablets and Ipad. All of the features on them work on any of the major browsers that support html5.


To see how NH Computer Solutions can help you create a website to promote your business please contact me on 01905 - 420838 or 07845 - 331341. You may want to email me instead at enquiries@nhcomputersolutions.co.uk